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2020 Survey Results Now Available!

Our 2020 Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey is the 12th in the series

We are not aware of any other continuous survey series that looks at this topic.
Follow the links below to read or download the full 2020 Report.

2020 Survey Highlights

Small organisations affected most by pandemic

This year we asked about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the organisations participating in the survey.

Our survey found that while most organisations were finding a way to cope with the disruption, the negative effects were felt more by smaller organisations.

The survey also found that organisations were reviewing their Balanced Scorecards more frequently, with 1 in 3 of those responding saying that their Balanced Scorecard had become more useful during the pandemic.

Most Balanced Scorecard reports are created using Office Software

Although there is a healthy community of specialist software vendors supporting use of Balanced Scorecards, most organisations that use software use standard office packages to create their reports.

For a small organisation this makes perfect sense - individual reports should be concise and simple documents and so well within the capability of standard software to create.

For large organisations though, where the requirement for co-ordination and interaction between the reports across different units is greater, relying on simple office tools can put a heavy administrative burden on staff, and for such environments specialist software is often a better option.

Reported more often

There is little point developing a Balanced Scorecard if you then do not use it - a point we have been making on this website and to our clients for many years! Happily the message is getting through and this year we once again saw the overall frequency of Balanced Scorecard reporting and review increase, with most organisations holding reporting and reviewing sessions at least once a quarter - which in our view is the optimal frequency for most organisations.

Read the full report for the whole story

There is more to tell than can be summarised here: fortunately we have made the entire report available for free! Simply click on one of the two buttons below to read your copy.

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