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Strategy in a time of uncertainty is the reality for most organisations, be it market, political or climate uncertainty. The current situation of global concern however is certainly more challenging than most of us have experienced before and it is unsurprising that organisations are struggling to adapt, both with the pace of change and the difficult environment.

Early indications from our current Balanced Scorecard Usage Survey suggest that organisations with embedded management and strategy tools have been successfully turning to these to chart their way forward during the pandemic. If you aren't already using a management tool or it's not working as effectively as it needs to, then it's not too late to change course.

Get in touch with us now to take advantage of our lower commitment and cost-effective programme 2GC Express.

2GC are experts at getting the implementation right, first time, every time.

By working closely with you we can do any or all of the following:

  • Gain Board management agreement on the future strategy
  • Break down the actions and goals required to achieve the strategy
  • Ensure each department knows what is expected of them and put in place monitoring to achieve it 
  • Review and adjust actions as necessary  

We are working from home offices and the large majority of our consultancy and advice can be completed online, through Skype and other mechanisms, and as international travel restrictions are lifted, we are very happy to travel.

2GC are strategy implementation experts

2GC can get you to a place where the accountable leadership team has developed and owns a vision for the strategy.

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