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There are many books and papers available on performance management, strategy implementation and balanced scorecard; which ones should you read if time is limited?

Here we list our top ten recommendations. The suggestions cover both books and papers, and range from short and handy through to long and in-depth. Each represents the best in class among its peers - what is more, well-thumbed copies of all of these live on a shelf above the desk of Gavin Lawrie our founder (see the photo above...!).

In choosing, we focused on clarity and accessibility.

  • Entries nearer to the top of the list are our top picks (slightly skewed towards Balanced Scorecard) if you just want to get up to speed on these topics quickly.
  • Entries further down comprise recommendations for more advanced reading on wider strategy and performance management topics. (You may find some of these readings require concentration, but you won’t need a PhD!).

We hope you find our list helpful. We would really like to know what you think about our choices - so we hope you will get in touch with us via our contact page or social media (click on the buttons in the side-bar).